Chris is primarily concerned with the female nude figure, whether sitting, standing or lying down. And his rendering of them is usually set within a land or seascape as if he is unwilling to separate the two. Perhaps, because he feels that the human figure is not so very different from Nature. Both are prone to all kinds of character change, mood, colour and physicality. The landscape of the human form is no different from its wider, natural surroundings. It can be accurately identified and depicted by modelling with light to reveal the many subtle and delicate surface planes to bring out the inherent qualities within the nude figure be it mood, colour or atmosphere just as any landscape painting can.

His masterly draughtsmanship and painterly skills combined with what could possibly be termed these days as an old-fashioned ability to accurately put down what is before him, allows him to produce quality work with a quick, fluid and deceptive ease.

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